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[Old man rests from sweeping]

Old man rests from sweeping
Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 12/23/2000
(c) 2000, Andrew Sigal


Ta Prohm is one of the many temples in the complex at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. While touring the temple I noticed this old man sweeping the pathways with a broom made of fresh palm leaves bound together. As I was approaching he laid aside his broom and sat down for a rest. I loved the expressiveness of his face, the wrinkles of sun and age. I was really happy that he allowed me to take his picture. I was particularly thrilled when I got back to the hotel and saw how well it came out how perfectly the photo captured his restrained smile and twinkling eyes. When I look at this face I see the face of Cambodia having endured a terrible past, yet able to feel cheerful in the present.


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