Andrew's Favorite Travel Tips

Tip #12: Carry "Space Bags" or similar products for compressing your clothing in your suitcase

There are a number of companies making products which are basically giant ziplock bags. These things allow you to compress all the air out of your clothes, thus making them take up less space in your luggage. The ones I've used are called Travel Genie Space Bags, though there are others market (such as the PackMate). In my experience they wrinkle clothes really badly, but they are great for underwear and for packing up your dirty clothes for the return trip. I inevitably buy t-shirts and other souvenir clothes during my travels, and these Space Bags have allowed me to make it back home without having my suitcase burst. But remember, packing more clothes into your suitcase makes it heavier; no one wants to face the problems of a suitcase that is over the weight limits, or worse, the embarrassment of not being able to lift your own bag up off the ground.

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