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Travel? Why travel? They say that "travel broadens the mind". It can be exciting, challenging, fun, and relaxing. We can test our limits, or just wind down from the stresses of our lives "back home."

How do you prepare for travel? What you read before your trip, and even while your trip is in progress, can have a significant effect on your experience. That's where this site comes in.

Duomo, Florence, Italy
Opinions! This site is full of opinions. If you are traveling to a foreign land, you might like to ask your friends what it was like. That's what this site is about. It's about the stories of traveling. What worked. What didn't. What places were great, terrible, and just OK. You might think our opinions are dead on, you might decide we're bozos. Most people will probably fall somewhere in the middle. Just know that we don't pull our punches, and we don't accept compensation from any of the places we review.

[After a Dive, Thailand] Travel Stories! The very heart of this site. Jump to Travelogues to read real travelers diaries from places around the globe.

Photos!This page includes just a brief sampling of the hundreds of photographs you can choose from. And, using custom TripTalk technology, you can easily choose just the photos that you want to see.

[Lake Tekapo, New Zealand]

Andrew's Travel Tips! Today's tip: Carry earplugs and an eye mask. Click to learn more about this tip...

[Opera House, Sydney]

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