Travelogue: Los Angeles 1998
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Los Angeles Photo Itinerary: 11/6/98 – 11/9/98:   Los Angeles, CA
11/9/98 – 11/11/98: Air travel to Auckland, NZ
11/11/98 – 12/3/98: New Zealand
12/3/98 – 12/25/98: Thailand
by Andrew Sigal

Friday 11/6/98

Flying to Los Angeles, just passed over the venerable and majestic Mt. Rainier. Stunning as always, and now quite covered with snow. It is beautiful to see the top of Rainier poking through the cloud cover. I’ll be staying in Santa Monica at the Hotel Carmel Santa Monica. Its off season, and the rate is really good. The hotel sounds like it is old but pleasant. We shall see.

Well, the Hotel Carmel isn't anything to write home about. It is a 2 star budget hotel in a very convenient location. My second story room was on the inside (the quiet side), and opening the window looked out on the lovely view of the roof of a restaurant, most of which was obscured by the ventilation system for the restaurant. In addition, the restaurants ventilation system thrummed, making the room somewhat noisy. But, its better than the outside rooms which overlook busy streets. The place is cheap, but that is all. Note: I got a chance to see my friend Richard’s hotel room in the Radisson in Culver City. For the exact same price he got a perfectly nice Radisson room, in an equally convenient location (and more convenient for the airport.) I would definitely choose the Radisson next time. [The Radisson is located at 6161 Centinella Ave, phone number 310-649-1776, or call Radisson USA at 800-333-3333.]

Met my friends Ginni and Rick for dinner. Had a really nice meal that the Broadway Deli on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. The Promenade is a lot of fun for people watching. Afterwards went to a fairly happening club called Gotham City. Richard complains that California’s anti-smoking laws are anti-American, but boy was it nice to be able to go to a club and not be overwhelmed by smoke.

Saturday 11/7/98

Wandered around, met my Cousin Ben and his wife Christie and their new baby in Beverly Hills, and then wandered around Rodeo Drive. Its definitely a scene. Later that night I hooked up with Richard and we went out for sushi at Hanna Sushi at 11831 Wilshire Blvd in Westwood. It was just OK, and I cant really recommend it. I am sure that there is much better sushi in LA. Apparently there is a restaurant called Hamna (note the "M") that is great. Hi ho.

Sunday 11/8/98

Went to the new Getty Museum. Wow. What a stunning place. The shapes of the buildings, the textures, the gardens, and the layout of the place are amazing. The views are stunning, especially at sunset. And the collection is pretty good too. A definitely must see. Took lotsa photos too. Had a really nice dinner in Santa Monica with Richard and a couple of his friends. Great Cal-Mex food.

Monday 11/9/98

Had breakfast with Richard at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Marina Del Rey, then walked along the beach from Venice to Santa Monica. Then went off to the LA County Museum of Art. I seem to have become quite a museum snob – I’ve spent so much time in so many museums lately. The lighting at LACMA really isn't very good. A lot of the lights shed unpleasant glares on the paintings. But, there are some very interesting and nice pieces there, and it is worth a visit.

Now I am sitting at LAX awaiting my trip to Auckland and the rest of my adventures.



 © 1998, Andrew Sigal

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