About the Authors: Judy Brandon  

Judy Brandon is a traveler who moonlights 48 weeks a year as a legal secretary. Judy, who has two grown sons and a granddaughter, took her first trip abroad to Italy in May 1999. With the help of her very supportive partner, Randy, she was able to return to Europe in March 2000. An avid flyfisher, trips abroad are balanced with trips to beautiful streams where trout live to be caught and released so they can be caught again.

A lifelong voracious reader, Judy recommends not only reading up on an area before arriving but reading a book set in the locale when traveling. Best trip/book choice: listening to Cold Mountain on tape while driving through Virginia and the Carolinas. Second best: reading An Italian Education while in Italy.

Trips currently being dreamed of include a cruise through the Greek Isles, a stay in rural France and a return trip to visit family and to flyfish in Slovenia.

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