Andrew's Favorite Travel Tips

Tip #1: Always carry binoculars, even to unlikely places

It is amazing how often I find binoculars useful and how often I wish I had them when I don't. Can't get close enough to the Mona Lisa to be able to see it? You might feel self conscious using binoculars in the Louvre, but you'll see the painting when everyone else is just looking at the backs of a lot of heads. With your binoculars in hand you'll be able to see detailing on the ceilings of the rooms at Versailles, Saint Paul's Cathedral, and the Vatican with better clarity than anyone since the people who built them. The spectacular windows at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres are a medieval story-book. With the naked eye you can barely understand what they are trying to say. With binoculars, all becomes clear. So don't think of them as just a tool for your hiking or boating trip. Bring 'em along wherever you go.

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